About me
Hi I'm Jeanette!

During the year of working in a creative media company as an assistant producer, I found my love for listening to people and the stories they had to share. Later on, while handling an event company's social media, I learnt how important it was to know my audience so that I could post relevant content I knew they wanted to see. These work experiences got me curious and I started to find out more about the role of a User Experience Designer. It led me to join General Assembly's User Experience Design Immersive and I graduated in 2020.

I believe that being a UX Designer requires me to be adaptable and to hunger to learn new things everyday. Never satisfied with "Good Enough", I strive to make improvements that would delight people and make that experience all the more enjoyable.

Fun fact! I love mechanical keyboards and video game music (I used to want to be a video game composer haha) Oh, and I not-so-secretly dream of being a White Hat.